Rental Tents in UAE

Rental Tents in UAE, offer Tent Rent Service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain & UAE. If You are planning to hire For Tent Rental in UAE, then we are available at your service With our Party Tents, Event Tents, Wedding Tents, Ramadan Tents, Exhibition Tents, Labour Tents and More Tipe Tents. We offer Tent Rental Services & Solution Across UAE.

Event Tents Rental in UAE

Event Tent Rental

Available Tents For any Kind of Events in UAE

  • Tents Rental For Fashion Show
  • Corporate Event Tents Rental
  • Tent Rental For Concert Events
  • Festival Tents Rental
  • Sporting Occasion Rental
  • Wedding Event Tents Rental
  • Ramadan Event Tent Rental

Exhibition Tents For Rent in UAE

Exhibition Tent Rental

Marquee Tents Rental

Marquee Tent Rental

Hire Marquee Tents With us For any kind of Purpose. We offer Marquee Rental Solutions in UAE

  • Event Marquee Rental
  • Wedding Marquee Rental
  • Party Marquee Rental
  • Marquee For Exhibitions
  • Marquee For Temporary Storage
  • Outdoor Party Marquee Tents

Ramadan Rental Tents in UAE

Ramadan Rental Tents

Tent Rental in UAE, We offer Tents on Rent During Holly Month of Ramadan For Iftar and Many Kind of Usages.

  • Ramadan Tents Rental
  • Iftar Tents Rental

Wedding Tents Rental

Wedding Tents Rental

We Provide Modern Wedding & Wedding Ceremony Tent For Rent. Make Your Wedding a Memorable Movement in Your Life With US.

Arabic Majlis Tents

We provide best quality Arabic Tents with beautiful traditional Arabic interior.

  • Interior of Arabian Tent

Luxury carpets, Arab Settings, Distinct decorations, Lighting that reflects the spectacular furniture

  • Inner lining installed in different shapes and colors

Furniture that is spectacular in design and beauty As required per customers request and according to the occasion. When it comes to customer desires nothing is impossible.

Tent height offers two standard Size:

10 m, 15 m, tents can have a side height of 2.5m.30 m, 40 m, and 50m tents can have a side height of 4m.

Standard size Of Tents Starting with 3×3 to 5×5, 10×10 , 20 x 20, 30 x 30 or 40 x 40m with sides

We also Provide Customize tent For Rent according to Your Need.

Accessories for Rental Tent

  1. -Doors Fabric lining for the roof and sides
  2. -Curtains, Carpet for the Ground
  3. -A.C. Units
  4. -Lights
  5. -DB Box
  6. -Normal Chair & Table (With Cover)
  7. -Chair & Table with cover
  8. -VIP Chairs & Table (With Cover)

How Much Big Tent You Need on Rent According To Guests

No of Guests         Tent Size Needed (Mtr)

50 – 60                    30 x 40
70 – 90                    30 x 60
100 – 125               40 x 60
125 – 175                40 x 80
175 – 220               40 x 100
220 – 250               40 x 120 or 60 x 90
250 – 300               40 x 140 or 60 x 120
300 – 350               60 x 150
350 – 400               60 x 180
400 – 450               60 x 210

We Rental Tents in UAE also Provide Party Tents Rental, Pagoda Tents, Labour Tents Rental, Transparent, Tent Rental For Storage & Warehouse, Mess Hall Tents Rental, Medical Tents Rental and All Kind of  PVC Rental Tents in UAE.

Now we started our Services  in other nearby countries of UAE. So book tent for rent in Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia